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Kappa LB7 Litter Bin

Apex Shelters have a comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins for a variety of external applications, including general street waste. 

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Kappa LB7 Litter Bins – Apex Shelters

Kappa LB6 Litter Bin Kappa LB7 Litter Bin Apex Shelters have a  comprehensive range of outdoor litter bins for a variety of   external  applications, Kappa  LB7 Litter Bin including general street waste.

 Made using Non-shrinking polyethylene, with anti-UV treatment, for outdoor performance.

 Interior galvanised steel sleeve fitted with handles. Triangle lock closure.

 40 Litre: Floor, Wall or Column Mounted – Height: 720mm

 90 Litre: Floor Mounted – Height: 980mm

 Dark Green or Black finish.  Other colours available: Yellow, Brown, Red,Burgundy, Light Green, Blue,   Beige.

 Materials include cast iron, steel, stainless steel and timber. Apex Shelters high quality and   functional   outdoor litter bins add aesthetic value to an area and therefore encourage use.

 Please call the Apex office for current pricing & availability. 

Why Buy From STL Shelters?

  • All products are easy to assemble
  • All products are of durable, robust construction with no climb frames
  • All products are price competitive
  • We provide rapid delivery times
  • Don't want to install yourself? Ask about our fast installation service!

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