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Electric Mobility Scooter Shelter Storage

The Mobility Scooter Shelter has been specifically designed for the external storage of mobility scooters. 

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Theta Design Storage Shelter to house Electric Mobility Scooters.  This shelter shows solid cladding to all sides with 3 pairs of hinged automated gates activated via underground motors.  Each pair of motors has its own controller, radio remote controllers, photoelectric  safety cells and manual exit buttons are fitted as standard.  Magnetic  ID can also be used to operate the gates.  Battery backup controller and batteries also installed in the controller.  In the event of power failure the gates can be manually disconnected from the motor drive by means of a key to enable manual operation.
Central Integral Lighting integral 6ft 70watt  IP 65 Twin Non Corrosive Fluorescent Light Fitting, under the control of an IP44 external passive Infra-red detector. External lighting via 2-off 500watt Halogen Flood Light with PIR, 1-off a centrally located at the front of the shelter and 1-off to the open side of the shelter
All cabling will be contained in plastic conduit.  The charger sockets and motor controller  sockets ring main  and a lighting circuit  will be wired back to an IP55  consumer unit with 30mA RCD + 32 Amp + 6 Amp MCB’s

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