Scooter Racks – NU Range

Scooter Racks

Scooter Racks can be manufactured with pins to secure the scooter into position. These can then be locked with the users own padlock.  If required, they can be incorporated into a cycle shelter or waiting shelter.  An economy version of the scooter rack is available without the pin.  The single-sided scooter racks can be manufactured for bolting to a wall where space is limited.  They can be manufactured to any length.

Scooter Racks/Scooter Stands - Apex Shelters

Scooter Racks/Scooter Stands – Apex Shelters


Single Sided Lengths: 850mm and 1600
Double Sided Lengths: 925mm and 1675mm
Capacity: 5, 10 scooters and 10 and 20 scooters
Height: 910mm
Finish: Polyester Powder Coated to a standard BS or RAL Colour
Fixing: Base Fixed or Submerged Fixed


These racks are supplied fully welded for bolting into concrete or setting into concrete. Larger sizes may be sent in more than one length for bolting together on site.

Please contact the sales office for further information.