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STL Shelters are bike storage specialists, manufacture a wide range of bike shelters in the UK.  In addition to the standard range, bike shelters can be manufactured to your exact requirements.  Please call STL Shelters for a quotation. .  

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Bike Shelters – STL Shelters

We’re all being encouraged to do our bit for the environment. Businesses in particular are constantly under pressure from the government to reduce their carbon footprint. It can be difficult to find ways to achieve this whilst also balancing your own time and financial constraints. Encouraging people to cycle to their work rather than drive is a great way of reducing carbon emissions. Cycling also promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At STL Shelters, we’re bike storage specialists. We create and supply one of the best ranges of cycle shelters in the country. When customers visit you, they will appreciate the peace of mind that their bike is safe. We will keep secure in a first class bike shelter from one of the industry’s leading providers.

Whether you run a small local business, a supermarket, school or sports club, a bike shelter is a great way to make a statement and provide convenience for your customers. Bike shelters can be fabricated to any size to meet your requirements.

Don’t want to install yourself? Ask about our fast installation service!

Because bike shelters have become commonplace amongst so many different types of organisation, it’s important to choose the product that best fits your circumstances. Luckily we’ve got 15 different types of cycle shelters, in a collection of sizes, shapes and materials from basic wood panelled shelters to coated steel contraptions.

Many of our cycle shelters can also be used for scooters, and some are even adaptable to hold junior bikes. One thing they all have in common is that they are easy to assemble. We understand that time is precious in business which is why we make things as simple as possible. You’ll also be pleased to know that we offer rapid delivery times and even an installation service for our cycle shelters if you’d rather leave the hassle to someone else.

All of our bike shelters are also durable and robust, to withstand all weather conditions and to provide you with the confidence that your customers’ or staff’s bicycles are as safe as they can be. Customer service is our top priority which is why we’ll always strive to provide you with the right bike shelter for your location.

Our team create bespoke entrance canopies, made to perfectly suit your entrance walkways. We understand that every building is different and as such every site has different requirements; some organisations will have a large number of people that join the commute via push bike, and as such we can a provide cycle shelter.

In schools, we can provide shelters that can offer UV protection during the summer months and shelter from the rain during the rest of the year. Crash pads can be applied to the legs of your entrance canopy to ensure a safer environment for children. Outdoors play in schools and nurseries has even been highlighted as beneficial to young children by Ofsted so having the appropriate cover for all types of weather is important.

Whatever your needs, we can meet them; our team can survey your location, acknowledge your requirements and offer you a competitive quote that includes ground work and installation costs, all for free.

If you like what you hear, we will get to work drawing up the computer aided designs so that you might better visualise the work that we will be doing for you. We can then discuss any changes that you would like to see made and once you’re happy we will begin the fabrication of your entrance canopies.

Covered walkways, properly installed by professionals should look crisp, clean and modern, suited to your location and match your requirements, whether that is a cycle shelter or roller shutters for your canopy. We always work hard as a team to ensure that every element of your entrance walkways are just as you imagined them.

Cycle Shelters – STL Shelters

Why Buy From STL Shelters?

  • All products are easy to assemble
  • All products are of durable, robust construction with no climb frames
  • All products are price competitive
  • We provide rapid delivery times
  • Don't want to install yourself? Ask about our fast installation service!

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